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Silk Uniform -By Chen Zhonghua

February 25, 2007

One of the maxims that Hong Junsheng lived by was never to bend to authority. This soft spoken old man was said to have a character of steel.

In 1981, the sports commission of the Shandong Province organized a large martial marts demonstration (more…)


Master Watermelon Peel -By Chen Zhonghua

February 25, 2007

In the summer of 1991, Hong Junsheng revealed the identity of his secret Taiji master to me. I was quite surprised by this “secret transmission”. I had never heard him mention any such master, other than Liu Musan (his Wu style teacher) and Chen Fake (his Chen Style Taiji master). (more…)

Wai Bu Li Shi Kang -by Gordon Muir

February 25, 2007

In the learning of Chen Style Taijiquan, my teacher, Chen Zhonghua, always advocates the idea that one has to go through fundamental changes of the body in order to accomplish real Taiji acquisition.

However, to cause real changes to occur is not easy. (more…)

A Can of Pepsi -by Todd Elihu

February 25, 2007

One afternoon during our full time Taijiquan studies, in the Hunyuantaiji Academy studio in Edmonton, Master Chen Zhonghua spoke of the mysterious, spiritual borderlands between yin and yang called ling. This gray area created by the overlap of the two extremes is exemplified within the art of a true Master. (more…)

A New Standard -by Chen Zhonghua

February 21, 2007

§ Introduction
Feng Zhiqiang is the ultimate example of Taiji. He is a paradox and a harmonized contradiction. He is the most common retired old man and yet the most feared legendary master. He is our only link (as of 2001) to the time of fists and swords, of legends and heroes, and of dedication and bitter struggle to survive. (more…)

A Life of Taiji -by Chen Zhonghua

February 21, 2007

My master was Hong Junsheng. He was the most prominent disciple of the 17th generation standard bearer of the Chen family, grandmaster Chen Fake. Hong’s ancestors came from the city of Ningbo in Zhejiang province, yet he was born in 1907 in Yuxian County in Henan province. Yuxian is a small town close to the Chen Village . In 1996 he passed away in Jinan of Shandong province. According to the Chinese way of calculating age he was 90 years old. (more…)

Jinan -by Chen Zhonghua

February 16, 2007

In August 1979, a long waited letter came from the national university recruiting office. In it was a cover letter and a letter of acceptance from Shandong University. The Foreign Language and Literature Department of Shandong University had accepted me into the English language and linguistics department. For three days, I cried, hid in my room and refused to eat. (more…)