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Isn’t it like that all the time?

February 11, 2010

Clinton Jurke has been a long timei disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua. He is tall, strong and has a body well over 190 lbs that is well trained. Before Christmas 2008, Clinton was on Daqingshan with his son, training under Master Chen Zhonghua. Present were a dozen people from Yantai, Linyi and serveral from outside of China. Master Sun Zhonghua, a well-known Chen Style taijiquan master from Beijing was also present. Master Sun was the secretary general of the Beijing Chen Style Taijiquan Association and longtime honorary president of the Hong Kong Chen Style Taijiquan Association.

While pushing hands in front of the Yulange Hotel on Daqingshan, Master Chen commented that Clinton’s skill was improving. Clinton was able to catch Master Chen once. That was something almost nobody could claim. It was said that Ronnie Yee were successful a few times. Master Chen is always open with his students. He allows all his students to openly try to get him. This is something very rare among taiji masters. As a matter of fact, many of his disciples (Bill Krumm, for example) took pride in making “getting him” their goal in learning taiji.

When Master Chen told Clinton that he got “caught”, Clinton could not believe it. After all, he is not Master Chen’s number one disciple. The next day, he tried even harder to catch Master Chen in an effort to feel how he has become better. While pushing, all of a sudden, he flew out, turning in space and landed to the side of the hotel almost on the hill! He was so taken by surprise that he yelped in flight! Master Sun Zhonghua was sitting on the hotel entrance steps and witnessed the whole thing from a distance. Everybody else were right in the middle of it.

Several months later at a workshop in Edmonton, Charles Paoletti heard the story and was going to interview Clinton. Unfortunately Clinton could not remember it ever happened. When asked what other occasions he remembered, Clinton said that every time he pushed hands with Master Chen Zhonghua, it was always like that. No indication at all, all of a sudden you are on the floor, fly out, or you try so hard and Master Chen walks away as if you are not pushing him!

In many schools, it is a rare occasion for students to witness the master’s display of higher level skill. In Master Chen Zhonghua’s school and at his workshops, most amazing things happen as common as dirt!


The Horse Expert -by Todd Elihu

March 9, 2007

Master Chen Zhonghua is a great storyteller. I have often found myself a member of a captive audience as he relays instructive Chinese folk tales or anecdotes of his teachers’ life experiences. Recently, while discussing the true and the fake in Taijiquan, Master Chen told me the story of “Bo Le the Horse Expert.” (more…)

Wai Bu Li Shi Kang -by Gordon Muir

February 25, 2007

In the learning of Chen Style Taijiquan, my teacher, Chen Zhonghua, always advocates the idea that one has to go through fundamental changes of the body in order to accomplish real Taiji acquisition.

However, to cause real changes to occur is not easy. (more…)

A Can of Pepsi -by Todd Elihu

February 25, 2007

One afternoon during our full time Taijiquan studies, in the Hunyuantaiji Academy studio in Edmonton, Master Chen Zhonghua spoke of the mysterious, spiritual borderlands between yin and yang called ling. This gray area created by the overlap of the two extremes is exemplified within the art of a true Master. (more…)

Jinan -by Chen Zhonghua

February 16, 2007

In August 1979, a long waited letter came from the national university recruiting office. In it was a cover letter and a letter of acceptance from Shandong University. The Foreign Language and Literature Department of Shandong University had accepted me into the English language and linguistics department. For three days, I cried, hid in my room and refused to eat. (more…)