§ Chen Zhonghua
Chen Zhonghua is a long time Chen Style Taijiquan practitioner. He is a disciple of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng and Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. He is also the International Standard Bearer of Hong Junsheng’s Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method System. He teaches in Canada, the USA and China.

§ Allan Belsheim
Allan Belsheim is a retired school teacher from Edmonton, Canada. He has many years of experience with Yang style Taijiquan and some Chen Style Taijiquan. He successfully completed the 2004 Winter and Fall sessions of the Full time program with Chen Zhonghua. He is currently also an instructor with the Hunyuantaiji Academy in Edmonton, Canada.

§ Bernie Graf
Calgarian carpenter Bernie Graf is a long standing student of Buddhism and has studied several versions of Chen Style Taijiquan. He successfully completed the fall session of the 2004 Full time program with Chen Zhonghua.

§ Jerry Arsenault
American born Jerry Arsenault is a design artist. He started Taiji with Chen Zhonghua in 2004 and has been involved in several print and video projects on Taijiquan.

§ Trevor Juuti
Trevor Juuti is from White Court, Alberta, Canada. He quit his professional job as an instrument engineer to pursue Taijiquan studies with Chen Zhonghua. His previous experiences include Yang style Taijiquan. He successfully completed the 2004 Fall Full-time program in Chen Style Taijiquan and Hunyuan Taiji.

§ Isabel Lawrence
Isabel is a language pathologist from New York, USA. She studied Chen Style Taijiquan new frame and Hunyuan Taiji prior to coming to Edmonton, Canada. She successfully completed the 2004 Fall Full time program with Chen Zhonghua.

§ Gordon Muir
A professional software programmer, Gordon Muir started his Taiji training in Winnipeg, Canada. He studied from T.T. Liang, Zhang Xuexin, Chen Qingzhou and many other famous masters. He is one of the most senior Taiji instructors in Canada. Currently he is involved with the Hunyuantaiji Academy of Chen Zhonghua and is practicing Hong Junsheng’s Chen Style Practical Method with Chen Zhonghua.

§ Glen Peters
Web designer by trade, Glen Peters is from Montreal, Canada. He has experience in a variety of martial arts including a mainland China version of the Chen Style Taijiquan. Currently he successfully completed the fall term Full time training session with Chen Zhonghua.

§ Kay Terai
Kay Terai studied Wu style Taijiquan prior to Chen Style. She has been part of Chen Zhonghua’s Vancouver, Canada area weekend workshops for more than two years. She has also traveled to China with Chen Zhonghua.

§ Todd Elihu
Formerly known as Todd McGown. Had various teachers before meeting Chen Zhonghua. He was a full time student at the Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy with master Chen Zhonghua in 2003 and travelled to China to study with many of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s disciples in Jinan, Heze, and Liaocheng. Currently he is teaching in Athens, Georgia, USA.

§ John Brown
John had been a long time serious student and teacher of Taiji and meditation. He met Chen Zhonghua in Arkansas at an intensive workshop and has been learning and teaching the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method ever since. He is based in Iowa, USA.

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